Introducing Mineralt – a crypto miner for Internet lovers

Do you know how to mine crypto through a website? This article will tell you some information about the service, its benefits, and functions. Let’s observe some cool features and decide whether it’s worth joining.

How does Mineralt work?

The way of working is simple. You place a special code on your website or in your application. Then it starts mining coins and in 24 hours you get your profit. You can decide how to collect it – by bank card or by cryptowallet.

What benefits does it offer?

The first great feature is freedom. You can place the script everywhere, from video streams to extensions for browsers. Mineralt supports anything you create. More than that, you can change from one currency to another if you need to. For example, if Monero is not beneficial anymore you can easily switch to Electroneum. And, you can predict the profit absolutely for free. You give some numbers and the program gives you the amount of money you will receive.

What interests users in Mineralt?

The most frequent questions devoted to the amount of money one can earn and the existence of extra fees. Mineralt says that there are no fees,everything is free, and they just take 30% of the profit. And if a person has many followers there’s nothing to worry about. Their profit will be high enough to join the project.

All in all, Mineralt is a great project with many users and innovative ideas. We hope it’ll develop enough to become the first mining service.