Unveiling 5 Most Popular Myths About Family Online Pharmacies

We know how hard it is to find all the necessary drugs for the whole family in one shop. Except for the assortment, there are problems with prices. Fortunately, there is a new way of buying medical supplements – online pharmacies. There are controversial views to them so we’ll unveil some myths about such shops.

Myth 1: It’s unsafe to buy drugs online

We don’t know why people are so assured of what they buy in real pharmacies and stay away from online options. Of course, it’s easy to find unfair sellers in any sphere but there are some things which prove that a store is reliable.

  1. Well-known drugs of high quality. First of all, check the variety of products represented on the website. Have you found anything doubtful? So then there’s no need to risk one’s health. Especially, when we speak about the whole family.
  2. Vast working experience. If a shop has been actively selling medications for a long period of time it’s a good sign. It should be proved somehow.
  3. Clients’ reviews. A good proof is a presence of positive reviews and comments from other people/ Check them not only on the website but by searching on third-party websites.
  4. Certificates and instructions. Every shop should show the certificates of products and provide buyers with all the necessary documents including instruction.
  5. SSL Protection. All modern shops and websites should provide users with protection in order to save personal data and information about credit cards.

Myth 2: The prices are similar to offline shops

If you think that you pay for safety when prices in real shops are higher than in offline ones, you’re mistaken. The truth is that online stores are all about saving money which is very important in the context of family pharmacy. Drugstores on the Internet always offer the same pills for a smaller sum of money. Having fewer workers isn’t the only thing which allows to do it.

As such shops cooperate with manufacturers on a direct basis, it’s not hard to make seasonal offerings and discounts. This also allows to provide clients with free pills and send them right with an order.

Shipping is one more thing which makes potential clients think they pay a lot. However, a lot of online pharmacies decrease the prices for delivery if you make a big order. Big families won’t have troubles with that.

Time also costs something. Try to imagine how many hours one can spend searching for all necessary pills in one place, how many drugstores it’s necessary to visit. Using online catalogs allows choosing drugs by a few clicks.

The whole policy matters. If a shop represents itself as a family one, the prices should be lower than in the usual stores.

For example, My Canadian Family Pharmacy gives a 10% discount on every order and now there’s a special offer to some pills for ED. When one makes an order which costs at least $150, there’s a free shipping. Extra shipping is also possible no matter if you live abroad, in the USA, for instance. The store gives free pills to everybody who bought ED medications.

Myth 3: It’s hard to make an order

A user-friendly shop wouldn’t make an ordering process tough and hard for consumers.

Usually, there’re only a few steps for making an order:

  1. Choosing suitable medications;
  2. Adjusting the dosage and comparing it with a doctor’s prescription;
  3. Choosing a method of delivery and other details devoted to shipping;
  4. Making a payment.

The only thing that’s left to do is waiting until the package is delivered to your home or post office. It’s quite useful for mothers and fathers with small children.

Myth 4: It’s illegal

Speaking about the permissions of selling medical supplements we just want to warn one more time – check the certificates and all represented documents. Always ask your doctor for advice and keep the specialist informed of your actions and purchases. A reliable shop will also ask you for a copy of a doctor’s prescription and won’t sell anything until you provide them with documents.

Myth 5: It’s impossible to buy everything in one place

When you choose a pharmacy always look at the range of products. Online shops usually provide with more variants of dosage, flavor, and brand. In the context of family shops, check whether they sell not only ED pills but remedies for allergy, bad sleep, stomach- and headaches to help all the loved ones.